Green Technology and It’s Economic Impacts on Society

There was a very specific vision I had for the Podcast and it did not go the way I expected if I am being honest.  Many things worked out like my vision for my Podcast was to inform people about factual information that could be important to consider when thinking about making a national switch to green technology.  The story that I wanted to tell was about Scandinavia and how we could implement some of their ideologies to help our country move in a similar direction (in the green technology aspect).  Although as I learned more information the narrative changed to information whether good or bad about how this switch can affect our society in negative and positive ways.  The reason there was this switch was because the people I interviewed did not say what I thought they would which was intriguing but a bit challenging to incorporate with my narrative so instead of changing their words I changed the narrative.  I think I succeed in getting my story across in an easy to understand way.  If I had to redo things I do not think I would do a whole lot differently because I put forth a giant portion of time and worked on this over weeks for many many hours.  I know this was one of the best products that could come out of the constraints I had.

My Sources for my Interviews were Riley Beavers who was the first interview I conducted and the Second one was Eric Moselle, Chief Economist.  Both of them were very smart and knowledgeable in the areas we spoke about.  That is why I do not have more sources for what they talked about because most of it was knowledge they had learned at an earlier time such as the Boulder, Colorado Story that Eric uses to describe some implications that could arise for such a developed country like the US.

The website or articles I used were, which is where I got information about the tax incentives for Norway.  I list the name of the author and article in my Podcast.  I also used another source which was  which was a report that came from The Department of Energy that gave me the information to speak about labor statistics surrounding some of Eric’s Comments about employment issues that could arise.

One thing that I was a little disappointed with was how long the podcast had to be.  I had to trim about 30+ mins of audio just to fit it into a 5-7 minute period of time.  That is another reason I am proud of how I was able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time.  (I even had to go into tiny sections and cut out big “umms” and “ughhs” because it would have taken up too much time if they had been left in.)

The picture is of Boulder Colorado, Gotten From

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