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I have spent the entire evening editing this, and it still isn’t up to my standards. But that’s what procrastination will do. I kept putting off my podcast week after week, well aware the first day of class that this would be our final project. I struggled finding an interview for quite some time, and used that as an excuse for delaying real progress. Recording was definitely a challenge for me, none of the words came out as I wanted to. Even when reading from a script. If my grandma listened to this, she’d rip my head off for not speaking clearly and mumbling.

My original vision didn’t have anything to do with the economic aspect, but then after meeting with the teachers I realized that I needed to find some way to tie it to the economy. So I chose fishing, and found a commercial fisherman to interview. His name is John Angleberger, and I didn’t get the freedom of interviewing him in person as he is currently on a trip in Alaska. What I did was email him questions, and once he docked he sent audio files of his voice. So there are some discrepancies there.

Although it’s 2 am, I am enjoying this reflection. I feel like I am getting the chance to blow off some steam, this assignment was very stressful on me. I wish it could have been an essay or something, but that’s okay I guess. I did my best given my capabilities. Just wish I had tackled the technology part earlier. Content wise, I did a lot of research and reading that didn’t condense very well but my intention was to show a decline in fishing industry due to ocean acidification followed by a suggestion I found, sea farming. For my conclusion, I brought the term “slow violence” from one of the first readings we did in class by Rob Nixon, just because I think its one of the most important concepts of this class.

Here are my sources:

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