Give and Receive!

This podcast, I talked about gift economy and permaculture. Those could be a great alternative to the mainstream, populistic (capitalism) structure. We have learned the basic ideas of the back-to-the-land movement and eco-villages which I sensed as an extreme way of living. However, it wasn’t. I want to relate my findings of those movements in this Podcast. They are very spiritual, and consciousness matters and consciousness is the most powerful inner energy to transform this situation. Eco-villagers take this very seriously and a man who I introduced in this Podcast doing permaculture in Tokyo shows great practices for feeling our capacity and being present in this moment. Those are not something like a direct structural change in politics or business but they are creating the new structure for people’s minds! I believe those are going to be the social structures. My understanding is that we already came to the point where a gigantic “global” environmental justice movement is needed to solve (fix?) this crisis. So to do so, we need our inner fulfillment through connections.

The hard thing about creating this Podcast is that I could understand those concepts and be attracted by them, but I was sure that I did not truly, fully understand and feel the core pleasure of these concepts I presented yet. Because I don’t have enough experience practicing it! So I will surely do try. Another thing is that I could not plan well to conduct interview directly so this time I only used audio resources from outside. I also needed more time to edit and enhance the quality of audio. But this was a great experience to start actually creating something with new technology.


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