The Effects of Mountaineering on the Environment – Laurel Yae

(Photo of Little Tahoma taken above the Disappointment Cleaver on the climb to the summit of Mount Rainier)

I love podcasts.  I love the content, humor, the rawness of voices, and the artistic layout that comes together to bring us info and conversation.  So making one was so fun!   The vision behind this podcast was to find a topic I was passionate about but also one that challenged me.  The podcast you are about to listen to does just that  – Mountaineering is a sport I have fallen in love with and I would say affects me on a mental level.  I find the beauty of being out in nature incredibly healing and rewarding.   The thought of something I enjoy hurting the planet hurts me, and yet I found it completely necessary that I make a podcast introducing this topic.

My goal for this podcast was to introduce content regarding the outdoor sports and how it is disguised and often not considered as a harmful action to our environment.  So many people think that those who love the outdoors also love the environment – easy to assume right?

Challenges I faced making this podcast is that I made it too long and yet not long enough!  I knew what I wanted to say, and felt constricted in the 5-7 minute time frame.  My podcast is just over 10 minutes, and I feel that I barely covered ground in such a huge and deep issue.  In truth, I think it would be easy to fill an hour of content talking about the process and issues with climbing Mount Everest.   If I were to start fresh on this Podcast, I am not positive on what I would do differently – I felt that my 10 minutes fit in the very minimum of the points I wanted to talk about.  Besides the time crunch, I do feel that I achieved my mission of finding a topic I cared about and wanted to shed light on.

My sources are listed below, but I chose my archival material from a news clip of when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first summited Mount Everest, I felt this captured the ideology of adventure and strength that started this movement.  My interviews included people that would know the permitting process (the Ranger) and those that loved climbing and yet was aware of the issues that might come with it (Desiree).  I found a lot of the content online, but also matched up the content from the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer (a must read!!).  I felt that as I was researching, I kept finding more and more content about the effects of Mountaineering on people, thought processes, and communities such as Nepal.

Anyway, please enjoy!  I hope this short podcast stimulates thought regarding the issue and brings awareness to nature lovers and athletes everywhere to do our best on protecting the planet and communities.

Let’s Fight For The Planet!


Laurel Yae – Final Podcast:



Song: A Walk by Tycho

Interview One: Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park

Interview Two: Desiree Domini

Archival Video:

Intro Wind Sound Clip: Recorded On Desi’s GoPro

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