Illegal Logging in the Amazon Rainforest

I initially wanted to talk about the deforestation in general for my podcast, however I decided to focus on the illegal logging aspect of it due to an overabundance of information. I’d already heard a lot of news regarding the Amazon, and one of the main reasons it was so interesting to me was the fact that it was an issue in South America. There are several different countries directly involved with maintaining the Amazon and I wanted to know more about how environmental policy might differ between them. In the end, my podcast didn’t particularly focus on that aspect as I could really only find a sufficient amount of information on Peru and Brazil. Instead, I found an abundance of facts and articles written about illegal logging and all the things related to it, such as forest commissions and cattle ranching. I didn’t end up including all the interesting information I found through my research simply because the podcast would’ve been too long. I wanted to make the podcast sound more informational, which I feel I ended up doing so well that it’s boring to listen to and sounds like I’m just regurgitating facts (which I mostly am). Personally, I struggled with trying to make the podcast have more of a narrative as whenever I tried it sounded unnatural and provided next to information on the topic. If I did start fresh, I’d probably do the same topic since it was actually very fun to do research on and interesting in general. However, I would probably try to make my interview more engaging and specific to the topic I was doing the podcast on (illegal logging vs. deforestation as a whole). I interviewed Jim Grieco, who was the dude in charge of my community service opportunity. He obviously had an interest in the environment, as he spent his time maintaining parks and forest preserves for two environmental organizations even after retiring. I found a lot of articles from organizations directly invested in the environment, such as Greenpeace International, Elementa, and Nature. There was also a Global Forest Atlas on Yale’s website that provided a bunch of information related to the Amazon rainforest that wasn’t only about deforestation. Of course, I also found a really interesting Ted Talk by Topher White on illegal logging and his invention that would help to reduce it.

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