Podcast Post: Herrick

My goal in this project was to explore and explain the relationship between the construction industry and the environment. I wanted to tell this story by beginning with some introduction on why it is important we protect the planet, then transition into how regulations meant to protect the earth from builders have changed over time and some of the stories that highlight that friction. For the body of the podcast, I wanted to get perspectives from three different builders on different scales. The idea behind this was to see if these regulations affect people from different financial standpoints differently and if they favor big industry or small-time builders. I set out to tell the story of why we need environmental laws and the roles they play if these regulations are disproportionally hurting builder, and most importantly if these regulations work.
The most difficult challenge in carrying out my vision was not knowing what people were going to say and somehow interweaving all of the different voices to create a single storyline. This problem came up in every interview. I would ask the questions I prepared but I would consistently get different answers to the same questions. I fixed this problem by whittling my questions down to more and more specific questions that directed a very direct response and couldn’t be answered in ways that I wasn’t expecting. The other part of the challenge was to waive together answers from five different interviews. This was challenging in part due to my questions being indirect and also because people just have different opinions are take the conversation ways that don’t work well with the podcast. I did have one interviewee that was exceptionally on topic and answered every question in a way that was very easy to use.
In my podcast, I used five different sources, one engineer, one architect, and three contractors from different sized companies. I found these people through my dad’s business and got my sound effects from freesound.org. To draft my questions and gain some insight into environmental regulations I consulted the Seattle Municipal Codes.

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