Plastic bag – Final pod cast

             For my final project, my goal was to tell my listener a story about the abuse of plastic bags and approaches to solving this environmental issue. I planned to do some research about plastic bags and find out whether if we have any problem with plastic bags. Then, I would talk to an expert in this field so that I could understand more about the plastic bag.

            My story is to tell everybody that the abuse of plastic bags is a serious issue because animals would get harmed by consuming the debris of plastic bags, and the reason why our government is enacting laws to prohibit the use of plastic bags. Finally, I would like to tell my listener some data that show how government’s proposals are affecting the abuse of plastic bags.

             There were many challenges during the time that I was doing my podcast. The first one was to find information about plastic bags. There was too much information on the internet, but many of them were useless. So, I had to read them all and used some useful information among them. The second one was to find an expert to do my interview. Fortunately, doctor David helped me and introduced me to a very director who was doing the activity about plastic bags in Earth week, his name is Span, and Span is a director in RISE learning institute. During the interview, Span answered my questions and told me a lot of interesting facts about plastic bags. The third one was to find data on the internet. I spend a lot of time one finding data about the effects of government’s laws on plastic bags. Overall, it was fun to overcome these challenges, and I think I had succeeded in realizing my vision. If I have another chance to do this podcast again, then I would choose another topic because this topic doesn’t have much information for me to do my podcast.

For my archival sources, I used a video clip from TED talk. It is about plastic bags, and it talks about why we don’t even need plastic bags. For textual sources, I used information on news websites because I think these websites have the credibility to show my listener and reader why the abuse of plastic bags is essential for everybody to know and be aware of. Also, I had used some data from Seattle public utilities to clarify the effects of government’s law.



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