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My goal is find out the way to help bring electric vehicles into mainstream’s view. Back to original topic, about the podcast, I have been considered for a while recently, and I decided to choose “Renewable Energy – Electric Vehicles” as my final project. As you all may know or not, nowadays renewable energy has been treat much more serious and did attract many people’s attention on that. Furthermore, I believe people all started to realize the importance of renewable energy. If we take a look over the world it’s quite obvious that all major energy people are running is non-renewable energy, for example, gasoline. Based on the fact we may run out of those energy in future, therefore, the value of renewable energy will increase a lot! The history of the Electric Car might longer than we thought: Scottish inventor Robert Anderson invents the first crude electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells in 1832-1839. Moreover, the very first electric taxis hit the streets of New York City early in the year 1897, which is a huge step of mankind.

The interview I did this time was with – Mr. Jonny Diehl


Electric Vehicles vs Original Gasoline Vehicles


  1. Good for environment
  2. The price is not too high

The other side:

  1. Can’t run that fast
  2. Battery can’t hold that much power and the electric charger is inconvenient to find.

In conclusion,  as one of the most remarkable invention represents renewable energy, the promotion of these car would make a very effective move for mankind.

Therefore, people, especially major car companies should make some changes based on those “weakness” electric car is facing now. I personally believe if mainstream can accept and choose these cars instead of gasoline cars, then the future will be much different than now, in a good way.

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