Final Podcast

My vision with this podcast was to explain what has been happening over the past 50 years or longer with agriculture. The huge decrease in nutrition content in our food over that time period is pretty messed up and I think it’s a big issue. Most of the podcast was just me explaining what the issue is, including several studies on the issue, and I concluded by stating ideas about what could be done to reduce the rate at which the issue is getting worse. Some challenges I faced in talking about the issue were mainly research based. I had trouble finding a lot of information about specific interest groups that were invested in the issue besides regulations put into place by the EPA. However, I do think that I accomplished my vision in explaining what the issue is and providing facts to support that. My interview was with a family friend who works at Thomas Family Farms in Snohomish because he has firsthand experience with how food is grown. As far as my sources for background information, I mainly use news articles from places such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal because I thought they did a great job with explaining studies related to this issue. I also went directly to the EPA website to research any regulations related to fertilizer and pesticide use but then used further news articles to understand the lack of making sure that farms follow those regulations.

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