My goal for the podcast is to share with everyone Tesla’s Semi and convince them to switch to electric vehicles. Many people don’t switch because they need a bigger car for work or they just prefer it.  Also, many people think that most electric vehicles do not look good. But I think that Tesla is the future and things will change in the next few years. More and more people are buying teslas because there are no emissions, its cheaper than gas (not the majority of vehicles), and in my opinion, they look pretty cool. Tesla unveiled their semi truck which can replace diesel trucks. They have a long range, 500 miles range on a full charge, an average speed of 60 miles per hour, and at max Gross Vehicle Weights (the most a vehicle could weigh to legally be able to drive on United States highways). They also have tons of safety features like enhanced autopilot mode, automatic emergency braking, automatic lane keeping, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency service (if you have a medical emergency the truck will safely stop and notice for an emergency. Then I interviewed my dad’s friend Peter, who is a truck driver. I asked him if he would switch from a diesel truck the tesla semi, he said its a big investment right now because it’s a new company and is only beginning to grow.

I emailed the audio to David because it was too big of a file to submit.

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