Relationship between Climate Change and Christian

  1. Describe your vision. What was your goal for the podcast? How did you plan to realize your goal? Explain the story you set out to tell.
    My country, Japan, has only 1% of the population of Christian, but after I came to the U.S. I was surprised that influence and impact of Christian in this country. One of my friend who is Christian always says that God made the perfect world, so I was curious about how Christian people think about Climate Change which is destroying “the perfect world”. Christian also has a big impact on politics and economy, so I thought knowing the Christian’s attitude to the Climate Change is a nice way to guess what is going to happen to the future Climate Change.
  2. Describe the challenges you faced in realizing your vision. Do you feel like you succeeded in realizing your vision? What particular obstacles did you encounter? How would you do things differently if you started fresh?
    Usually, it comes to people’s mind that depending on consuming natural resources too much cause Climate Change when people think of it. It is a very big image for us. However, the media always report how Climate Change causes the environmental problems and the companies cause too many emissions. It is little hard for me to come up with an idea to connect with Climate Change, also connect with politics and economy. Finally, I decided to make Christian as a topic of my project because it is a familiar culture in the U.S. and have influences on politics and economy field, too.
  3. List your sources. Who did you interview and why? What kinds of archival material did you draw on and why? Where did you find the material you used? What textual sources did you draw upon for your research and background information about the topic?
    I interviewed my friend who is working in supply chain field and Christian because he is the one who is working, Christian, and has a relationship with an environmental company. I found my reference from Washington Post which reported the news about what kind of perspective Trump has for the Climate Change. However, the video was too long, so I ended up using an interview clip which a caster asked Trump’s the top of environmental advisor about how Trump thinks of Climate Change. I did not ask the interviewee about which party he supports, but I guessed he supports Republican Party, so I focused on researching about Republican Party’s perspective to the Climate Change.


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