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For this podcast, I wanted to focus on a particular aspect of urban growth and development: housing. Shelter represents such a fundamental need, and the housing crisis has been growing steadily worse these last few years. My goal was to explore the topic through a lens of both environmental and humanitarian awareness. In order to accomplish this I sought connections – consequences that were but a ripple in a series of ongoing events, all of which interconnected, all tied to the consequences of urban development and rising costs of living.

One of the first challenges I had was in understanding what exactly is happening – this entire project largely consisted of me learning new information, being exposed to problems I had not had to deal with myself. My decision to reach out to HopeLink was my life-line, as they understand the struggles of the people they help. Through their resources, I was able to advance my own understanding, and build a compelling narrative. If I were to do this project again, or continue it, I would like to try to reach out to an environmental organization as well. The fact that I didn’t have the same guidance for the environmental aspect resulted in me having to do a lot of discovering on my own, and I am concerned that this shows in the quality and depth of the final product.

I chose to interview Donna O’Connor, a financial adviser from the US Federal Government assigned to work in coordination at HopeLink. Donna was first assigned after the 2008 Banking Crisis, with the aim of promoting consumer awareness and understanding of the various legal and financial challenges of owning houses. As such, she is uniquely suited to describe not just the current housing situation at large, but she also directly works in conjunction with the people that need the necessary help. Her role is just as much about reassurance and stress relief, and she is a uniquely wonderful person to talk with.

For the remaining sources, I largely relied on newspaper articles and federal reports, such as the NCA 2014. Music was sourced from Kevin MacLeod. Full sources can be found beneath the picture A brief history of rent control in Seattle, 1978-2015, KIRO 7 News ; excerpt used

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Income data:

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Interview: Donna O’Connor (, financial advisor and aide to struggling families; employee of the state; assigned to coordinate with the Hopelink organization;


Music;  “Unity” (for title music), “Intrepid” (used for background ambiance), “Stealth Groover” (used for outro segment) Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound effects; Heavy Rain Ambiance



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