Environment vs Development

For my final podcast, I really didn’t know what to do because the project was so open ended. I knew I wanted my podcast to be on the topic of parks, but it was tricky to narrow down. After I completed my community service, I was looking through the Redmond government page and found the Marymoor Village project. I thought this would be a good topic to dive into.

My vision for my podcast was to analyze the relationship between the environment and development through the story of the development of Marymoor village. Before my interview, I knew I wanted to tell the story of the development of Marymoor village and how the development harmed or helped the environment along with the process of creating the plan. After my interview, my goals didn’t quite fit the information I was given in the interview. In some ways, the development promoted less sustainable practices while in other ways the development was changing the land use in order for the land to be used in a more sustainable way. Completing the interview gave me much more insight on the process of creating Marymoor village, and it helped me shape my podcast.

I interviewed Kim Dietz, the senior planner for the Marymoor village project. I found her through the Marymoor Village webpage, and I decided to interview her because I know she would be knowledgeable on the project. She was very helpful on the economics and environmental portion of the project, but I didn’t seem to get much political science. Business owners, land owners, building owners, and even some employees did however get together to create policies on the process of development though. I used Redmond government pages to get more information on the project. I did find the Redmond 2030 plan that had many framework policies, but I had trouble finding a spot to include it in my podcast. Overall, I think my biggest struggle was the time restriction. I had so much information but I didn’t have the time to put it in. If I were to do things differently, I think I would have done two interviews so that I could narrow down my topic even more so time wouldn’t be an issue.

Resources Used:
www.redmond.gov/PlansProjects/Parks/parcc_plans/PARCCPlan2017/ http://www.redmond.gov/common/pages/UserFile.aspx?fileId=210602
http://soundbible.com/royalty-free-sounds-14.html (Street noises)
The nature/bird sounds were original audio.

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