Value? Or no?

My vision for this podcast and the content was, to show how in today’s world where everything has a monetary value, we don’t necessarily put this same value onto anything that deals with the environment and more specifically salmon here in the Pacific Northwest where this plays a huge part in not only our history, but also the PNW as a whole as salmon are always tied with the PNW.

I found it a little hard to convey and tell the story that I was trying to tell. In the end though I do think I achieved what I was trying to say which was the fact that everything in the environment and it’s worth is constantly pushed aside and not really talked about which is such a huge shame and I think one of the worst aspects of the human race.

I interviewed my neighbor, whom I’ve known my entire childhood and who I know cares deeply for her pets she’s had. I thought why not ask her about this. She is a teacher soon to be librarian and an incredibly honest and genuine person who gave me honest and genuine answers.

I would not really change anything as I think everything worked out and I learned some nice editing techniques in trying to make everything sound as good as possible which I had no prior idea how to do. I used an interview from Bill Taylor who is incredibly determined in fighting for salmon and I also used a news article on the tragedy of this salmon farm from summer of 2017.

I loved doing this and getting creative. I loved this class, thanks everyone!

PS I went a little long, I just couldn’t cut it anymore down without sacrificing some content.

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