INTER 150 final podcast

For this podcast, I knew I wanted to do something that revolved around changing society. The problem was figuring out how to frame the podcast. In the end, I decided to design this project as an interview meant to challenge the audience’s ideas about our current society and invoke listener consideration about the ideas being shared.

Throughout this process, one of the biggest challenges I faced was finding somebody who was educated enough in these topics and could provide intellectually provocative content. It wasn’t until mid-quarter, when BJ talked about what his PhD dissertation would be on, that I realized he would be a well-qualified candidate. Another challenge that I came across was scheduling. I typically work immediately after class, and most of the time BJ would only be available during my work hours. In the end, I had to take time off of work to interview him. However, in my mind, the content he provided was worth it.
In many ways, I do feel that I succeeded with this project. One of the major goals I had was to remain objective. That was something I felt I did well on. Another thing that I really wanted to convey with this podcast was a clear story on what our society could look like with a job guarantee program in place. Interviewing BJ gave me the ability to project these ideas into my podcast.
If I had the chance to do it over again, I would want to have a more scripted process in place to better deal with and potentially avoid unexpected problems that could arise both in my personal life and with managing the project.

I interviewed Brandon Unti due to his knowledge on the job guarantee program as well as his forward-thinking mindset, as I thought he would shed light on how a progressive-minded person would consider the possibilities for our society’s future.

The next source I used was by the sight “Bloomberg Opinion.” This in depth article furthered my knowledge what a job guarantee is and what it might look like.

The next source that I looked at was from a sight called “make a contribution.” Since a big part of my podcast was about figuring out what our society could look like in the future, I decided I should see what people are thinking the future will look like. This article gives the reader twenty predictions of what society and the world could look change over the next twenty five years.

The third resource I used for this podcast was from the book  “Understanding Capitalism.” I decided to research this because if we are going to critique the current economic system we have, we must first understand what capitalism truly is. This came as a PDF.



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